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Huntingdale Shoe Repairs & Clothing Alteration

Established in 1990 by Fred and Yanna, the original business address was shared between the founders as Huntingdale Shoe Repairs and Yanna’s fashion projects.

With his family’s shoes repair and manufacturing business background, Fred was reputable with his ability to resolve complicated shoe repair issues. Huntingdale Shoe Repairs was respected for its honest, courteous, quality, innovative, competitive price and good customer service.

Yanna’s fashion project was an independent business sharing the shop space with Huntingdale Shoe Repairs. Services provided by Yanna’s fashion project included but not limited to fashion design, alteration, dressmaking and custom tailoring for special occasions. The shop was conveniently located in Huntingdale shopping centre. Because of the consistency in pricing, service, quality and design innovations, Yanna’s fashion project was well known with high reputation in the local community. Even today, many years after Yanna’s fashion project ceased trading, there are still many people enquire about its dressmaking and tailoring services.

Due to personal reasons, Yanna had decided to cease the fashion design and dressmaking business.

In addition to his shoes repair business, Fred had decided to take over the clothing alteration part of the business and its experienced staff members in order to continue to provide excellent clothing alteration services to the local community. The new business was renamed as Huntingdale Shoe Repairs and Clothing Alteration.

Today Huntingdale Shoe Repairs and Clothing Alteration has continued to provide high quality and professional services to people living and working in Huntingdale and the adjacent suburbs.

Shoes repair and clothing alteration are only part of the services provided. With the objective to better service the local community and provide convenience, Huntingdale Shoe Repairs and Clothing Alteration has included key cutting and watch services as part of their core business.

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