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Shoe Reapirs

Split Shoe Repair
Split shoes, rips and tears? No worries, come to see us for some professional advise. Our Shoe repair staff will show you the most cost effective way to salvage your shoes. The most common repair methods are using special adhesives, hand stitch, machine stitch or patch repair. The repair will restore the condition and extend the life of your shoes.

Heels Tip Replacement
Worn out of heels is the most common problem on our shoes. This always starts from the outer rear end of the heels. Don't be shy to show us your problem as this is common for everyone. However it would be better if you come to see us early before the damage become too significant for protection and cost effective repair. Our staff will show you the most appropriate way to repair the shoes. Most of the time we will first build up the heels to the same level and then add protection material to the heels. We use different heel protection materials for heels repair such as Heavy Duty, Good Year, Topy and Supertap, it depends on the type of shoes and the repair requirements.

Soles repair
Soles are very important part of the shoe. The most common problems on the soles are either the original material is too thin or there is not enough grips. We recommend to put sole protection material such as Topy or Rug when the shoes are new for best protection. However you may choose to do so when the soles started to wear. In general it is time to carry out the repair if the soles become too thin, edge damage or the shoes are too slippy. We recommend that you come to see us in time before the damage become too significant and the shoes are unrepairable. Sometimes it is necessary to build up the toes first before put on the protective soles to ensure the best protection to your shoes.

Heel block replacement
Normally heels may be repaired by build up and replacement of the heel tips. However, if the damage to the heels are too heavy and repair is not possible, we will recommend to replace the heel blocks in order to salvage the shoes. We will recommend the most cost effective way to do the repair and explain the repair method to you. For your benefit we will not suggest to carry out the repair if it is not worth to do so. Heel block replacement may also be used for restayle your shoes. If you are bored of the old look of your shoes or want to change the shape of the heels. We can restyle your shoes by replacing the heels to the latest fashion or your choice. Pls come and discuss with us for the best solution.

Shorten or take in boots
Your boots may be too long or too wide for your feets. No problem bring them to us and we will carry out alterations to make them best fit your individual needs. Our experienced staff and best equirements will ensure your boots are taken care of in a professional manner.

Zip replacement and repair
The zip on your favourite shoes has broken off? We can replace damaged zips on boots and shoes using our professional patching machines. Sometimes it may be possible to repair the zips without replacing them. Our staff will assess the problem and give you the most appropriate repair recommendation.

Colour Change
Bored of the old look of your shoes? Don't like the colours? No problem we can dye the shoes to your preferred colour. We will first remove the original colour and dirts with colour strippers. Then apply a layer of colour dye to the shoes and spray paint the shoes with the colour of your choice. Leave the shoes to dry for a few hour and polish them to bring out the natural colours. Your shoes will look new again and the colour will stay.

Buckles and elastic replacement
Damaged buckles or elastic is no longer stretch? No problem we will replace the elastics or buckles and stitch them back to the shoes. We can also alter your shoes by removing the elastics and buckles to fit your personal needs.

Over size Shoes
Your shoes are too loose or too big? No problem we have stocked different types of heel grips, sole grips and insoles to reduce the space in your shoes. However if these are not helping we will tailor make and fit cushions to your shoes. This will reduce the size of your shoes and enhance comfort.

Dog chewed shoes
Your favourite shoes are damaged by the dog next door? Don't worry we can fix them. Just bring them to us, we will assess the damage and suggest the most appropriate method to salvage your shoes.

Your shoes are too small or too tight? No problem bring them to us and we will stretch them with our professional stretching machine. Our experienced staff will ensure your shoes are taken care of in a professional manner.

Replace metal strip
The heels of your shoes are coming off? The metal strip strengthen the shoe is broken off? Come to see us and we will assess the damage and provide you with our professional advise to repair the shoes. Most of the time, it is due to broken off of the metal strip under the soles. Sometimes it is due to untightening of the bolts securing the heel to the shoe. Whatever it is we will assess the damage and carry out repair as required.

Clothing Alteration

Button Or Press Button
Buttons have fallen off? Missing press buttons? No problem bring them to us(if you can) and we will sew them back or re-attach for you. We will make extra button holes, replace broken jean studs and eyelets as you need.

Want to attach embroidery to t-shirts, jeans, skirt, jumper, cardigan or school uniforms? We hand stitch embroidery to your garment at your selected areas.

Fancy Costumes
Having a fancy dress party? Need costumes for a school play? Come and discuss with our alteration staffs for some creative ideas or show us your own designs and we will tailor make them for you.

We can machine sew or hand sew your garments and other items as required, such as curtains, bed sheets, badges, hooks and eyes, press studs etc. We also repair and alter housewares such curtains, quilt covers, tables clothes, cushions, tents and canopies. Installation and replacement of eyelets and rivets as required.

Would like to label your garments? Bring in the labels to have them sewed on your garments such as school uniforms or clothes to be worn in professional organisations.

Leather Or Suede
Need to repair your leather and suede clothes? Want to alter your leather jackets? We patch tears and holes in leather garments as required. Our experienced staff and best equipments will ensure your Leather and Suede garments are taken care of in a professional manner.

Children are growing up very fast. School uniforms are getting too small and too short? We can lengthen garments by adding a false hem. We lengthen pant, dress and skirt hems. We also lengthen jacket and shirt sleeves and cuffs. We will follow the design of your garments and ensure everything such as lining, double stitching and splits are as perfect as the original finishes.

Name Or Number
Want to name your children's belongings? Would like to put a number on shirt or jumper? We can name your garments or school uniforms to differentiate with the other students in school. We can sew sport and footy numbers on shirts and jumpers.

Patch Or Stitch
It's your favourite garment and there's a tear and a hole on it. You don't want to throw it away, what can we do to help? We can repair tears and holes by stitching or patching as required depending on the condition of the defective area. Extending the life of your garment. We will do these professionally so that the repair will be less obvious.

Your garment is an earlier design, it still looks great and in very good condition. However it is not the current fashion what can be done? We can recreate the fashion by turning your earlier, loved garment into the latest style. You don't have to spend a lot for the new fashion but can still riding the trend.

Why jeans and pants bought from fashion stores are always too long? We can shorten your jeans with the original hem or shorten your pants with a cuff. We will shorten your skirts, dresses, blazers, coats and jackets to fit you. We also shorten sleeves for shirt and jacket to perfect length and style. If you like we will put the original hem back onto your jeans to make them look original.

Take in Or Let Out
Put on weight? Lost weight? The jacket looks perfect but the sides are too small? Why the new jeans are too small for me though it is the same size as my old one? The dress is wonderful but the fashion stores don't stock your size. Come to see us, we will alter your garments to best fit your body shape. We take in or let out pants waist, the sides of your jacket, shirt, pants and skirt.

Wedding Garments
Wedding garments are made ready for the big day. However, some of these are not perfectly fitted. Need a quick alteration to the wedding dress or bridesmaid's dress? We will alter your wedding garments to suit your individual body shape. Getting the perfect fit for your perfect moment.

The zip on your favourite jacket has broken off, the jacket is in good condition. What can we do about it? We can replace broken zips on jackets, pants, jeans, skirts and leather jackets with our professional patching and stitching machines.

Key Cutting

Need a key cut? We carry an extensive range of keys for your home, office, and business. We duplicate automotive keys for a wide range of makes and models. You can have a key duplicated in a couple of minutes with very competitive price.

Our automotive and house keys are supplied by some of the world’s most famous manufacturers and well known locksmith suppliers. To ensure the best quality we use only premium grade nickel brass keys.

We also stock a wide range of fancy and colourful house keys to satisfy individual needs.

  • Aluminium Coloured Keys are light weight, strong, durable, and easy to identify. With a full set of colour spectrums, no matter it is a front door, back door or bedroom door, coloured keys make identification much easier.
  • Cartoon character keys and AFL keys are also available for collection and personal interest.

There are plenty of parking bays in front of the shop. We suggest you park your car here when duplicate your car keys. We will cut and test your keys to ensure they are working before you pay us.

We have a strong commitment to quality and service. Our money back guarantee policy for keys ensures all keys will work or you get your money back.

Watch Services

Damaged bands? Don’t like the colour or the look of the bands? No need to replace your watch, just come to see us and we will enhance your watch with one of our nice looking bands.

We have different styles and colour leather bands for you to choose. We will change your watch bands on the spot while you wait or you may leave your watch with us and pick it up after shopping.

Watch doesn’t work? Time is lagging behind? Come and show us your watch, our professional staff will determine whether it is mechanical or battery operated. If it is battery operated, we will check to confirm it is due to a faulty battery by using our professional battery tester.

With our special watch repair and battery replacement tools, we can replace batteries for different types of watch no matter it is a screw back, pop up back or with four screws.

We will replace the battery while you wait or shop so you get your watch back in a few minutes. Battery and band service is available for different brands. You can be confident that your watch is in good hands.

To ensure your peace of mind and our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, all batteries replaced by us are with one year warranty.

Leather Goods Repairs

Our leather goods repair section offers a wide range of leather repair and leather care solutions for a number of applications. Our repair of holes, abrasions, cat scratches, dog scratches and cracks as a result of age is achieved using various filling and patching techniques specifically designed for leather repair. The results can be amazing. We provide partial or complete restorations for pouch repair, and are specialists in hand bag and travel bag repair including replacement of zips and handles.

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